Fondue Music was established 2007 by Heiko Beck & Ulrich Nefzer and is an independent music publishing company based in Berlin.

Currently, the company represents a state of the art roster of electronic music artists. Worldwide known authors like Fritz Kalkbrenner or Wankelmut are part of our roster in the same way as credible genre big names like Ben Böhmer, Jan Blomqvist, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Konstantin Sibold or Daniel Bortz. Additionally, Fondue Music represents the publishing editions of Sonar Kollektiv, SUOL and Best Works worldwide as well as the Full Thought Publishing catalogue for a couple of territories throughout Europe.

Our business philosophy reflects a very song-oriented view on the music publishing world. Aiming for quality instead of quantity by signing mostly single copyrights allows us to offer a high number of opportunities to our artist roster and tap the full potential.

We are aware that every song has different requirements, just like the people we are working with – we meet their needs with a full range of creative- and management-orientated services, a worldwide network of partners and a setup for songwriters, performing artists and editions. Careful performance of the classic role of a publishing company – from song registration to synchronisation – combined with an aspiration for a long lead artist- and song-development makes us a 24/7 partner for all aspects in the career of our authors.