Boozoo Bajou – „Dust My Broom“ Album Vinyl Repress

With “Dust My Broom” Boozoo Bajou returned in 2005 after the worldwide success of their debut album Satta, released for the first time on !K7 Records after years of engagement with the label Stereo Deluxe. “Dust My Broom” comes from the blues. In a figurative sense, this means, among other things, making a clean table and the beginning of something new, a new beginning; above all they open a new chapter in the Boozoo Bajou sound. You can hear a lot more vocals on „Dust My Broom“, there is Joe Dukie the frontman of Fat Freddy’s Drop or the US Country legend Tony Joe White. Also featured is Blaxploitation / Motown icon Willie Hutch and American singer Ben Weaver. With U-Brown, who was once MC for King Tubby and the English Jungle MC Top Cat, there is also a special reggae touch among the singers. „Dust My Broom” a classic that is in no way inferior to its predecessor Satta, will be available again in September 2022 on double vinyl after the original pressing in 2005.